About us

Just Love’s objective is to create a platform for love and positivity to spread, and to promote inclusiveness in the face of racism, violence, misogyny, social division, inequality and injustice.

We will use this blog, as well as our Twitter and Instagram accounts, to try to inspire you to build our common future, either by introducing opportunities for you to act, or sharing your positive experiences, ideas or initiatives.

We ultimately hope that this forum will grow to connect local groups throughout the world that can meet and support each other in taking action to promote love and kindness. There is an amazing sense of purpose and community to be found in connecting with people who want to do good, and to accomplish great things together. We want such communities to form across boundaries of religious or political beliefs, where people come together because they know that we can be more than we’ve been told. Our life’s purpose is not only to consume and try to stay safe. It’s to take responsibility for our future, and the future of our children, and to be part of something greater than ourselves.

Rudolf Virchow, the father of public health medicine, said “Politics is nothing else but medicine on a larger scale”. We believe that politics, and political activism, can, and should be, love on a large scale. Hence, although we are a non-political platform, there are some issues where we will take a stance, for love. These include the defense of human rights, democracy (including freedom of the press) and environmental issues.