For love of home

Today I got to spend a couple of hours with thousands of wonderful people who had gathered to celebrate our home – the tiny blue speck on which we float through space, the tiny blue speck which is all we’ve got. Yes – it’s literally all we’ve got. There is no planet B, there is no escape route (yet), there will be no second chance. We have one shot. And we’re about to blow it.

Most days of the year this fact makes me terrified and miserable. The mindboggling resistance to facts that keep some lawmakers from taking necessary action, and the sad truth that others DO know where this car is heading but keep driving towards the brick wall anyway, makes my heart sink like a stone. But today, on Earth day, I chose to look to the helpers. I joined the inspiring crowds of young and old, men and women, who took to the streets of San Francisco (and other cities around the world) to make the case for earth, and for science – the structured study of our planet, everything on it, and the space around us. And I couldn’t help but feel that maybe we do stand a chance.

There are so many good people, there are such good forces at work, and these are forces to be reckoned with.

Can I ask you to join these forces, please? Can you start today? Decide that you will make one change in your way of life that will help our home, and stick to it. If you want to do more, please do, but make sure to do at least ONE thing. One is a thousand times better than nothing.

And also, most importantly, when you vote, remember that when it comes to environmental policies, you are not only voting for you. Do you really feel like you have the mandate to spend resources that your children and grandchildren might depend upon?

Are you not sure which environmental policies might be crucial to implement to save us, and future generations? Might I then suggest you just support them anyway? The expression “Better safe than sorry” has never been more fitting, because the “sorry” in this case would be a major one.

So why all this talk about earth on a blog about love? Because we have to love our little blue speck. It’s the home of all known life, so there can be no love without it.

And also, it’s the best speck ever.