Teach Love. Teach Kindness.


I teach, which in essence means I am amongst those who will one day inherit all we say and do today. I feel the immense power of my words and actions every single day and I am constantly reminded how simple acts of kindness can truly change lives.

With Valentines Day around the corner, I thought about how I could uniquely impact on the teaching staff at my school this year. Teachers give so much and I wanted to thank them for the roles they play, but also allow them to witness how easily love and kindness spreads when you take a moment to really feel the love around you. Sometimes we forget in our busy days how very beautiful an environment we work in.

The 14 days of love and kindness campaign was born. An anonymous campaign using simple tools: a chalkboard and chalk in the corner of our staffroom. Each day a new message on the chalkboard would greet the staff as they gathered for the morning meeting. Each day the message was accompanied by something special on a small table (marshmallows for a ‘mallow weekend’, recycled jars with flowers to take home and filter coffee) and each day I felt my heart grow in love as I saw the impact such simple actions were having on the morale of our staff.

One of the best moments was when another teacher approached me asking how she could get on board the campaign! She teamed up with two other teachers to make notes and attach sweets for each teachers’ pigeonhole.

The love began spreading!

This is what some teachers had to say when asked how the campaign had impacted them:

Grade 1 teacher: ‘I felt inspired to be more thoughtful of others.’

Grade 4 teacher: ‘It created a greater awareness of each other and promoted acts of kindness towards each other. The corner added warmth to the staff room and one was curious to know what the next day’s display/saying/call to action would be.’

Grade 12 teacher: ‘It meant a great deal to me to see a little message of encouragement every day-filled up my love tank!’

Grade 8 teacher: ‘THAT corner … made me think twice about why I felt mad about certain situations and individuals and made me realise it’s so easy to feel anger and hold grudges… however, it’s such a gift to move past that and offer kindness instead.’

At the end of the 14 days I felt hopeful. I felt the weight of the current political climate lift off my shoulders. It is possible that a heart full of love is stronger than all the hate. It is not impossible that we are able to change lives by simply being kind.

If this is the impact one simple campaign had on a room full of teachers, imagine what we can do to make this world a better place!

We are the future and it looks bright because we Just Love!

By Chay B.