I think you are reading this blog because you have concerns about where the world is heading. I also think there is a voice inside you saying that you need to take action, that you are needed for something, but perhaps you are not sure what to do next?

To help you get going, may I suggest a brainstorm? To be honest, I think your mind is probably storming a bit already, so why not make use of it? Harness the energy of the storm, if you will?

The idea of brainstorming is to let your mind speak its piece with as little interference from the outside world as possible, and without judgment. You do this by writing a keyword in a circle in the middle of a paper, and then you let your mind wander free, and write whatever associations to the key word that you come up with in smaller circles, branching out from the big one. After a while, you have a mindmap – an idea of what your own thoughts on a certain subject are. You then clean this map up into clearer areas of interest, or questions, and you make a plan.

Your center circle might be Love, Our future, What can I do?, or whatever you want, really. Then try to let go, and just let your pen follow your mind. You might be surprised. You might have expected to write about women’s rights, but end up focusing on the environment, or vice versa. You might end up with ideas that are on a smaller scale, or a larger scale, than you thought you would, or it might even turn out exactly as you expected. But the point is, if you try to relax and go with the flow, you might find out what your true calling is, and that is immensely important.

Why? Because for you to be passionate, and brave, and persistent, this needs to be about YOUR questions, YOUR answers, and a path that YOU truly believe in, and while you always need to be on love’s side, you can’t fight ALL the battles. You need to feel focused, empowered and energized, not shattered and desperate, because we have a long way to go.

Focusing your energy and talent will not only help save the world, it can also save your sanity. When frustration, fear or even desperation set in, instead of being overwhelmed by the struggle to solve all the issues at hand simultaneously, you need to have your mission clear, so that you can focus that energy and get to work.

So get pen and paper, sit down, and decide what will be your battleground.

Love will win, but she needs you in her army.